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Omaha, NE 68152

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Computer Animated Displays set to music in and around Omaha, NE

Map of Displays.

If you see a address that is wrong, missing or is not an computer animated display set to music, please let me know. The addresses that are BOLD are members of the Holiday Light Decorator's of Omaha.

1006 W. 31st Ave Bellevue, NE - Lights-and-Sounds-of-Christmas

1309 Childs Rd. East, Bellevue, NE

8905 Florence Dr, Bellevue, NE

3425 6th Ave, Council Bluffs, IA

13000 US-34, Malcolm, NE

13240 W Bluff Rd., Malcolm, NE - The Magical Lights of Malcolm

Terra Oaks Dr, Nebraska City, NE

9126 Park Dr., Omaha, NE

8406 N. 47 St., Omaha, NE - Phillips Family Christmas Display

1202 Girard, Omaha, NE

11711 Raleigh Dr., Omaha, NE - Holiday Blinky Light Shows

6343 William St., Omaha, NE

4141 S 199th Cir., Omaha, NE

6610 A St, Omaha, NE

15055 Meredith Ave., Omaha, NE - Vanek Christmas

7433 N 169TH ST Bennington, NE - Lammers Family Christmas Display

1012 Valleyview Dr., Papillion, NE - Papillion Christmas Lights

11769 S 110th St., Papillion, NE - Lights By Leds

10407 Elm Hurst Drive,La Vista, NE - Marc and Deb Hansen - Twas the Light Before Christmas

4945 N 72nd, Lincoln, NE - Loffelmacher family Christmas Display


14205 Tregaron Drive, Bellevue, NE

15203 Rock Creek Drive, Omaha, NE

7114 S. 48th Ave. Circle, Omaha, NE

2813 Sandra St., Bellevue, NE

13337 Miami St., Omaha, NE

8619 S. 98th St.,La Vista, NE

10407 Elm Hurst Drive, La Vista, NE

2569 N 134th St., Omaha, NE



7814 Leafplum Dr.

1710 South 11th Street

209 North Ave, Council Bluffs

7310 Potter St.

18567 Drexel St.

8409 Grand Ave.

13468 Larimore Ave.

10933 Curtis Ave.

12940 N 187th Cir.

N. 211th St. & Ridgewood Rd., Elkhorn

N 251st St. & Capitol Circle