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Wire Frame D'Lites
Omaha, NE 68152

Phone: (402) 659-3130


All of our metal wire frames are handmade in house using all american craftsmanship and made to order and sold without lights.

ALL FRAMES ARE PROFESSIONALLY POWDER COATED. The color will be white unless otherwise noted or requested by the customer.

We build new frames from December to October 1st. During the month of October we will finish shipping the finial orders. If there are any pre-made frames available, I will ship them as ordered. For the past several years I have had to stop taking orders by the first of September due to the amount of frames to be made.

Well, Everyone I hate to have to do this, but as of right now I have to stop taking orders until further notice. If you want a frame placed on a waiting list, just contact me.

We do custom frames


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Christmas-Leds, I use their Color Combo Clips

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